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Treating Difficult Cases: Integrating DBT and Biblical Principles for Lasting Transformation

Presenters: Megan Kumming, LPC and Angel H. Davis, LCSW, BCPCC; hosted by: Hope Springs Counseling, 110 Mears St, Monroe, GA 30655

April 27th, 2018 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. (Lunch and CEU Credits included) $100 early registration. $130 after April 14th, 2018. 5.5 core CEU hours for Psychologists, LAPC, LPC, and LCSW. Registration & Payment. See Below.

Relationship Repair: Integrating Psychological and Biblical Principles to Effect Change in Relationships.

(To book this Workshop, please contact Angel: at

Based on Angel’s 30+ years of experience and the effective timeless principles discussed in her book, The Perfecting Storm, this workshop will explore a path of lasting healing that empowers one person to impact a relationship for the better. 

Through one willing spouse or person, who applies these principles and learns to live by them, great relationship change can be obtained. Contrary to popular belief it does not always take two! By allowing Biblical principles and sound psychology to bring healing in their own lives, one person can be the conduit for healthy change. Behavior modification transcends to heart transformation, which in turn affects relationships in a positive manner. 

Not just for marriages, this workshop will delineate truths, tools and concepts in a manner that will impact any relationship and enable you as the participant to leave empowered with skills to utilize in your therapy office and/or in your own personal life.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Defining the relational problem Psychologically and Spiritually
  • Cognitive Restructuring and Mind Renewal
  • Behavior Modification and Transformation
  • Emotional Distress Tolerance and Emotional Healing
  • Mindfulness and Prayer/Pondering
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Relationship Repair Workshop

Angel is known for her ability to connect with others and engage an audience. She is available to conduct workshops, retreats, and training seminars.

  • She encourages, teaches and inspires.
  • Her passion for Jesus and His love is contagious.
  • Her joy is to share God's healing power and love with others. 



Listen to Our Father’s Voice

God’s sheep hear His voice, but many things get in our way of allowing us to hear His truth. Let’s spend some time together learning to hear God’s voice of love! 

Weathering the Storms of Marriage

Come and explore God’s amazing power of healing, and how one spouse can impact a troubled marriage and bring hope to seemingly hopeless situations through their own heart transformation and obedience to God.

Finding Peace in God's Presence

Please inquire about additional subject matter for speaking engagements.



Tom Doyle, Vice President of e3 Partners, “Angel spoke to the Middle East team on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her seminar was amazing. We had our National Leader from Syria attend and he loved it, and they want it in the Middle East.  Angel’s ministry is Biblical, relevant, and she is interesting.  Sometimes when you talk about psychological things, its kind of weird, but it was not that way at all. It was highly relevant to what was going on today. I would highly recommend her to come to your church and not only speak on PTSD, but any other issue that might be related to women or families, or people in ministry.”

"Thank you for the loving, thoughtful, restful workshop! At this point in time when our culture pushes us not to rest and be still, this workshop allowed us to pause and encounter our Lord. Angel organizes and paces her workshops in a peaceful and joyful manner. Each component invites prayer, thought, and comfort as well as a call to action. This workshop propelled me back to reading the Word and being with Jesus. It helps to reignite a powerful practice in a very loving environment. The whole day was like a beautifully choreographed dance—the worship, the quiet times, the Scripture teaching, the lunch, and the fellowship—all worked together seamlessly and effectively. It was a quiet and powerful call to rest and soak in God’s glory!" 

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.

Listen to Angel's Radio Interview
on The Perfecting Storm 
with Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

(Click Here)

Excerpt from "Finding Peace In God's Presence" speaking event 

As women, we have so much in common.  No matter our histories, walks of life or experiences,  our hearts are knitted similarly.  We were made for beauty, to reflect God's beauty to the world.  We were made for relationships and we tend to be the "rudder"- the guiding force. And when our relationships are out of sync, we are not at rest.  And when our relationships are not going well, we tend to believe something is wrong with us or we need to "fix" it, do something to make it better.  And we tend to use a lot of energy in the process!

I remember sitting around with a group of mothers talking about our kids. Well, in essence we were 'worrying' about our kids.  Anxious about their well being, their choices, etc.  I remember one mother saying, "Well, we are mothers, of course we are going to worry and be anxious."  Really?  Was that in the job description?

Looking at God's word, it does appear He knew that as humans we WOULD worry.  That anxiety would be a natural feeling for us to have to life's circumstances. Hence, the reportedly (I have not personally counted them) 365 times He gives us a scripture about worry and anxiety.  One of my favorites is Phillipians 4:6-8, "Do not be anxious about ANYTHING, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends understanding, will guard your heart and mind."

I imagine Jesus saying to me, "I know you are going to worry or be anxious, but I don't want you to stay there. Will you instead turn your worries into prayer?  Ask me for what you need, remember what I've done for you in the past, and trust me to take care of this need for you.  And you know what will happen?  If you hand me your worries, I will give you my peace and it will guard your heart and mind."...


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