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Thursday, March 27 2014

Things I Want My Daughters To Know


Put God first.

Everything else in life will make more sense and flow better.


Keep your heart open.

You are most beautiful when your heart is open

 and you are vulnerable.


Be strong.

Vulnerability shows your strength, and is not a weakness.


Know God’s love.

Your worth is rooted in God’s love.

His love defines your beauty and destiny.


Laugh a lot. Breathe Deep. Enjoy the moment.


Live your life.

This life is too short and most of the ‘stuff’ won’t matter

when it is all said and done.


Give your time and energies to many.

Receive the blessings from giving.

It REALLY is better to give than to receive.


Be courageous.

Explore the depths of your heart.

It’s where the treasures are found.


Know YOUR truth.

Remember your feelings are NOT your truth, just information!


Find yourself first.

Then find your life’s mate.


Go for your dreams.

God wants the best for you so don’t settle.

Don’t give up. Go for it!


Trust your truth.

When in doubt, go back to the last thing you knew to be true,

and start from there.


Be quiet and listen to

 the still and small voice of love.  

Disregard the many voices you often hear in your mind.


Live in peace and offer forgiveness.

Get rid of fear and anger for they are your worst enemies

and have no place in your life.


Be brave... explore and discover.

Go outside of your comfort zone.  

Learn about new things and about yourself. Grow!


You are unique!

You will leave a special fingerprint on the world

 that no one else can!


Remember…You are never alone.


And most of All….

Never forget how incredibly loved you are!!


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Wednesday, March 19 2014

God surprised me one morning in my quiet time.  It was the summer before our youngest daughter was heading off to college.  My husband and I had weathered and recovered from storms in our relationship that almost ended the marriage. We were looking forward to being “empty nesters.” Little did I know God had another “baby” planned for us!  On that particular morning, out of the blue, a title popped into my head, and as soon as it did, I knew what it meant.


He wanted me to speak about the transformation He had done in me that subsequently saved our marriage.  I had an opportunity to speak at a local graduate school, and in the process of preparing and sharing the message, God gave me three very clear “witnesses” that indicated I was to write a book on the subject.


WHAT? Never in my wildest dreams had I thought about writing a book, but through God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! It’s a longer story then I can document here, but after three years, the “baby” was born!  The book was completed by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, with my cooperation, my husband’s support, and encouragement from all the incredible people He put in my path!  It DOES take a village to write a book! :-)


See, my story is a common story:  The “happily ever after” dream of a marriage doesn’t seem to be working out the way you planned, but what seems hopeless and futile can be altered when given to the right Hands.


What He did for me(us), He can do for you. God wants to use our pain for purpose, but first we have to give Him our hearts, our minds, and our circumstances to transform. We have to choose to get off the throne of our lives and allow Him to be in charge.


I am so grateful I allowed God to do what only He can do, not only in my heart, but in writing the book.  If He did it in me, He can do it in you.  Will the outcome be the same? This I cannot say…only God has that final say. What I can say is that no matter what, you will be better off for having gone through the process with the Lord…you can’t lose.  


Will you go on the journey with Him?

Will you let Him take your pain and create purpose out of it?



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Sunday, March 09 2014

I thought it was over—dead, done, hopeless, impossible to resurrect—or so I thought.


God asked me to stay.  It was the LAST thing I wanted to do; “God don’t you know how hard I’ve worked on this relationship and nothing’s changed?” (I can just see God’s face, grinning in sweet patience with His daughter.)


I loved God enough to stay, and out of that step of obedience, He did the impossible.  He showed Himself to be all and more than I had read He was.  For the first time in my life, I began to experience Him as the great counselor, the healer, and the redeemer.  As I gave Him my heart to heal, my mind to redeem, and my life to guide, He began to transform me into a new person, and subsequently healed, redeemed, and resurrected my marriage.  Sometimes things have to die to be reborn.  Sometimes we have to be broken to be made whole.


I thank God for the storms of our marriage.  I thank God that the story is NEVER over unless He says it is.  I thank God that He showed me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with Him.  I thank God that our daughters have a legacy of enduring, persevering love to inherit from their earthly parents that reflects God’s eternal love for them.  I thank God that my husband and I will grow old together with a deep knowing of each other and God’s incredible, undying, powerful love for us.


Our marriages are to reflect Christ and His church to the world.  Mine sure didn’t, but once placed in God’s hands, His truths and promises have become a reality, and His light shines.


I thought it was over.  God knew better! 

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Benefits of Weariness


WOW! How weary I am. And so are many of you. I know because I hear your cries: in my office, on the phone, online, in church, at the grocery store, you name it! So much of what I hear from people today is about how tired, weary, and worn-out they feel.

Then again, you may not feel weary;  instead you may feel anxious, depressed, scared, lonely, angry, or any mixture of these emotions. Perhaps these are more your prominent feelings.


However you may feel, it’s too easy to look for the source or to find blame: social media; busy schedules; technology; work/family demands; the causes are endless. Of course, these have validity, and we can certainly manage them in more appropriate and successful ways.


Yet, as I sit with God today, in my quiet time, and look over my journals, what I see is the benefit of weariness—the benefit of our broken feelings and situations.

 I see, time and time again, over the years (yes, I am rebellious and slow-learning, and God is very, very patient), God working in me and through me, enabling me to receive His antidote to this tough life and all of its problems. 


It is so simple; and yet it is so hard.


It is HIM: Jesus; always more of Him.


“But,” you say, “Angel, I have to know what to do with my children,” or, “Angel, these bills are piling up,” or, “Angel, you don’t have a CLUE of how bad it really is.”


And I will say, “You are right, I don’t. And you are correct, these things need to be taken care of.” 


BUT FIRST, we have a larger need. Oh, the catch is it doesn’t appear like the larger need. Our core need, before bills, children, purpose in life, change in our feelings, is to be convinced, truly convinced and accepting of God’s love for us and our identity as His children.


And your heart and head may rebel like mine did.


“BUT, I need to know the answer to my problem.” 

And Jesus says:

“I am the answer.”

“I am so tired.”

And Jesus says:

“I know. Let me restore you.”

“I am afraid.”

And Jesus says:

“I know, and my love will take care of that.”


That just doesn’t seem like much; doesn’t seem like enough, when we are about to be evicted or our kids are in harm’s way. That support just doesn’t seem practical enough for our human brains to rest on.


Perhaps then we’ve hit on the real source or problem of our weariness: ourselves. You and me believing that if we work hard enough, try enough, worry enough, take enough time to figure it out, talk enough to that person, ignore it long enough—whatever your “enough” is—WE can fix it. The true problem is that it’s all about US!


We want to stay in the driver’s seat and be our own savior. Or we look to other humans to be that for us. If we believe our answer lies in us or other humans, we are likely to stay in that “out of control” anxious space, and the weariness or depression or addictions are bound to take over. There can only be one driver in our car of life.


The benefit of our struggle is to be wooed into the true solution. Life’s struggles are an invitation to know God more intimately. As we allow Jesus, who is ALIVE, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, to become more real for us, more tangible, as we take Him at His word (Hebrews 13:5), as we choose to focus on Him and His promises, instead of the problems or feelings we are having, then we start to experience the reality of His presence with us.  With this, we begin to experience the peace He promises.

Why? Because our problems have been solved? The bills have all been paid? The feelings change?

NO…  peace comes from HIS presence. And in that place of peace we can see clearer, hear more accurately, and receive wisdom and direction.


As we “bend our knee” to Jesus’ love, dare to take Him at His word (John 3:16), choose to look to Him and depend on Him, and keep (John 17) depending on Him, then His life-blood starts to flow through us. It revives us, directs us, and transforms our thinking and feelings. Then life and all of its troubles, which are many (John 16:33), become manageable, doable.


Breath comes; rest comes; peace comes.


In this place new life springs forth. New ideas emerge and joy is eventually restored.


Struggling today? Rejoice in it, because it is calling you back home. Home to His heart of love (Romans 8:38-39), the place of true peace and rest. 

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