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Thursday, November 27 2014

Yes, I am asking you to anticipate good, but I am not making light of your situation or what you’ve been through. Trust me. As a counselor, I hear daily about the trauma and tragedy that has affected my clients and the people they love and I’ve been through my own seasons of hardships. I, like you, am also horrified by many of the world’s events. All of this can stop us in our tracks, but here’s the game changing decision that you could make. You have the power to decide where you are going to get the truth. Will you get it from the world or God? What you can see or feel, or what you cannot see and may not feel? 

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Tuesday, November 25 2014

Expectations and anger seem to go together and the Holidays are a perfect breeding ground for the two to collide! Expectation is defined as “a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen”. Or the more obvious way most of us see it is a “perfect” scenario that we have imagined in our minds. It is hard to NOT have expectation, but maybe they should be realistic ones.

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Sunday, November 23 2014

It is the time of the year when families make extra effort to gather together. Most of the time it is out of desire, but it can be an obligation as well. This is also the time of year that all of our different personalities can ‘rub’ on each other. Difficult relationships might be highlighted or tested, and herein lies the reason why many folks dread the holidays all together. So how can we “consider it pure joy” as Paul exhorts us and be grateful in the midst of difficult relationships? 

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Thursday, November 20 2014

As a psychotherapist, I know it is common to pass down coping behaviors and ways of thinking to the next generation. You can even see the similarities from multiple generations before. It is why we often use a family genogram to diagnosis issues. One of my prayers and hopes for my two daughters is that they would not repeat the problems and issues I’ve had to deal with in my life. It has been one of the motivating factors, which inspires me to change.

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Benefits of Weariness


WOW! How weary I am. And so are many of you. I know because I hear your cries: in my office, on the phone, online, in church, at the grocery store, you name it! So much of what I hear from people today is about how tired, weary, and worn-out they feel.

Then again, you may not feel weary;  instead you may feel anxious, depressed, scared, lonely, angry, or any mixture of these emotions. Perhaps these are more your prominent feelings.


However you may feel, it’s too easy to look for the source or to find blame: social media; busy schedules; technology; work/family demands; the causes are endless. Of course, these have validity, and we can certainly manage them in more appropriate and successful ways.


Yet, as I sit with God today, in my quiet time, and look over my journals, what I see is the benefit of weariness—the benefit of our broken feelings and situations.

 I see, time and time again, over the years (yes, I am rebellious and slow-learning, and God is very, very patient), God working in me and through me, enabling me to receive His antidote to this tough life and all of its problems. 


It is so simple; and yet it is so hard.


It is HIM: Jesus; always more of Him.


“But,” you say, “Angel, I have to know what to do with my children,” or, “Angel, these bills are piling up,” or, “Angel, you don’t have a CLUE of how bad it really is.”


And I will say, “You are right, I don’t. And you are correct, these things need to be taken care of.” 


BUT FIRST, we have a larger need. Oh, the catch is it doesn’t appear like the larger need. Our core need, before bills, children, purpose in life, change in our feelings, is to be convinced, truly convinced and accepting of God’s love for us and our identity as His children.


And your heart and head may rebel like mine did.


“BUT, I need to know the answer to my problem.” 

And Jesus says:

“I am the answer.”

“I am so tired.”

And Jesus says:

“I know. Let me restore you.”

“I am afraid.”

And Jesus says:

“I know, and my love will take care of that.”


That just doesn’t seem like much; doesn’t seem like enough, when we are about to be evicted or our kids are in harm’s way. That support just doesn’t seem practical enough for our human brains to rest on.


Perhaps then we’ve hit on the real source or problem of our weariness: ourselves. You and me believing that if we work hard enough, try enough, worry enough, take enough time to figure it out, talk enough to that person, ignore it long enough—whatever your “enough” is—WE can fix it. The true problem is that it’s all about US!


We want to stay in the driver’s seat and be our own savior. Or we look to other humans to be that for us. If we believe our answer lies in us or other humans, we are likely to stay in that “out of control” anxious space, and the weariness or depression or addictions are bound to take over. There can only be one driver in our car of life.


The benefit of our struggle is to be wooed into the true solution. Life’s struggles are an invitation to know God more intimately. As we allow Jesus, who is ALIVE, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, to become more real for us, more tangible, as we take Him at His word (Hebrews 13:5), as we choose to focus on Him and His promises, instead of the problems or feelings we are having, then we start to experience the reality of His presence with us.  With this, we begin to experience the peace He promises.

Why? Because our problems have been solved? The bills have all been paid? The feelings change?

NO…  peace comes from HIS presence. And in that place of peace we can see clearer, hear more accurately, and receive wisdom and direction.


As we “bend our knee” to Jesus’ love, dare to take Him at His word (John 3:16), choose to look to Him and depend on Him, and keep (John 17) depending on Him, then His life-blood starts to flow through us. It revives us, directs us, and transforms our thinking and feelings. Then life and all of its troubles, which are many (John 16:33), become manageable, doable.


Breath comes; rest comes; peace comes.


In this place new life springs forth. New ideas emerge and joy is eventually restored.


Struggling today? Rejoice in it, because it is calling you back home. Home to His heart of love (Romans 8:38-39), the place of true peace and rest. 

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